A Space Makeover

A new and focused start…..

Have you ever done something that seems like it does not make sense, yet you know deep down it’s OK and in the big picture it’s a gotta do? I experienced this feeling when I put my bed frame in storage and put the box spring and mattress out for pickup. It felt freeing. I sat with this feeling for about 30 days. It’s kinda funny, in the back of my mind for the past year I stored away the question What if I turn my bedroom into an art studio? Here I am today with clarity this room is becoming a creative space for allowing the deep work to take place – art making, writing, unplugging or plugging in, and creating a lifestyle business. As my creator self settles in and allows for the new to flow, what arises will be shared with all.

OK, so you’re probably wondering where is she going to sleep! For now on the couch. I am going to allow the couch sleeping to evolve. Who knows, could be a fold-out chair or couch of sorts. It is towards the bottom of my what’s next list. Focus on the creative space at the top!

I live in a one bedroom apartment. One can now call it a studio apartment with a designated creative and lifestyle business space. Before, I was making art, weavings,  paintings, and writing in my living room. Though I loved the southern light exposure during the day, working in this way felt like I always had to be doing something, everything’s right in front of me. Now my new living space is like a new home base. Feeling into it, it’s a peaceful feeling, and that’s the feeling I want to go into after a day or night of coming from my creative space and lifestyle business.

If you’re wondering about what a lifestyle business is, I highly recommend reading Company of One by Paul Jarvis.

Thoto of room in beginning stage of the room make over, from bedroom to creative space.
The beginning stage of the room makeover, from a bedroom to a creative space. As I go, I’ll be sharing makeover photos as well as projects in progress. More to come on the space makeover!

With Sweet Grace.


Art on display at Downers Grove Library, June 2019

Something wonderful has come to fruition! For the month of June, my artwork is on display at the Downers Grove Public Library. Four wall hangings and five process art pieces. For those that live locally, do stop by and check it out! I like to say I create to inspire others to create. This holds true for the art in this show. With each viewer, it is my intention to inspire, spark new ideas, question, and feel the joy that flows through each one of us.

With Sweet Grace.

Fluid Color

the awe and wonder of water and color in motion

Music: Moment of Truth (piano version) by David Hilowitz

The video also includes the process Set Up. Enjoy!

With Sweet Grace.

Rainbow Delight

Dedicated to all the rainbow children.

From Rainbow Bridge to Rainbow Delight, this weaving is complete. The original intentions were to make a weaving about flowers with the lotus pods and flower fabric I had on hand. It then evolved into rainbow colors inspired by the children I’ve had the pleasure to work with. A mix of different materials, from outdoor nature to upcycling clothing to children’s art supplies, this weaving has come together to brighten up any space with vibrant colors and a playful nature.

studio space        three rainbow lotus pods
rainbow delight weaving three rainbow lotus pods

rainbow lotus pod 1        rainbow lotus pod 2       rainbow lotus pod 3

rainbow beads - 1        rainbow beads 2

rainbow delight weaving cropped

Rainbow Delight Weaving

With Sweet Grace.


Rainbow Bridge

…a new weaving in the works

New beads, colors, and materials to work with. This piece is influenced by the all young children I have had the pleasure of facilitating process-based art with. From my perspective, it is unanimous that children love rainbows. How could they not! They are colorful, magical and fun to paint and draw.

The beads are made from white cotton rope wrapped around a pencil with glue. When dry they are painted, and beads are sewn on.

white rope beads     painted rope beads

rainbow weaving set up-1     rainbow weaving set up-2

With Sweet Grace.


….continuation of creativity expressed and the perfect way to close the year.

Between the Lines
Poetry is as real as a wildflower
A wildflower is as real as sunshine
Sunshine is as real as a hippopotamus
All is real just as all is not real
Between the lines of poetry
lies wildflowers, sunshine, and hippopotamuses


as a creator
infinite songs of the soul
flow from hearts’ center


Light Energy
I play with light
I vibrate with light
I live with light
I shine my light
I share my light
I feel light in my light
My light is love and my love is light
Light energy everywhere now


With Sweet Grace.




Golden Being

a new textile artwork……..

Golden DeLight to Golden Being, this tapestry took on its own unique rhythm as it evolved. Extraordinary, chichi, fun and playful, all the elements come together in harmony and a reflection of light.

Textile Art - Golden Being     Natural Lighting - Golden Being

Nesting Beads    Beading Outdoors

Beading DeLight

Beading and Weaving DeLight    Nesting Beads

With Sweet Grace.